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Sheet Mold

SPEDNAS SDS Machine Mold, which is active in sheet metal forming and sheet metal forming, is a developing and growing company of Turkey; Renewed every day with its advanced technology, young and dynamic staff, serves in sheet metal mold sector.

Sheet metal molds and moldings are the cornerstone of the industrial industry, which is involved in every aspect of our life but many of us do not. In every area of ​​our life, almost all the objects around us, all industrial products and consumer goods that can come to mind, can be serialized by molders after the production steps that first extend to imagination and product design. However, the production of sheet metal and mold requires advanced technology, long labor process and experience.

Spednas Machinery, which acquires its place in the sector with its investments in technology and human resources, produces mold sheet metal molds. Spednas Mold; We are doing every step of the molds from design to processing and production with our young and dynamic cadres.

We are working harder to walk with you on the way to tomorrow to go forward in the sheet metal technique, every step we take, with our endless energy.

Wire Erosion

There are jobs that need to be professional. Those jobs also need to know and be able to work, technical mastery is insufficient and it is necessary to integrate with the work done. The work of wire erosion must be such a professional.

It is possible to be a professional worker based on sensitivity, attention, care, and to be a professional master and operator, and to pass through time and imperialism. As Spednas sds mold we continue to pass through this time and the span of labor.

For us, teleposition is also an ongoing technique and labor process. In today's world, as in every sector, the integrity of your technique and labor continues to be constantly renewed. In spite of this trend and movement, we always work with our dynamic, innovative staff. We are always renewing.

We are delighted with renewing, and our machines are following the latest technology. Our staff accumulates experiences that are constantly renewed with experience and training meetings after work. We have always aimed preliminary to improve the precision workmanship of precision wire cutting. We constantly update our target. High technical and high skill work.

Rotor Stator Lamination Molds

Rotor Stator laminating molds are started by understanding the electric motor logic. The electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The electric machine is a stator, that is, a fixed part, a rotor, that is, a structure consisting of two parts rotating around it.

Since the rotor stator laminating molds work in such a way that the cavity of one of them will fill up, the remaining residual product after clipping is very little clipping. Rotor stator laminating processes are also the best examples of technique and skill progression over time. Professionalism is to lead this progress.

Progress is the nature of technology. Ever since the discovery of man's son technique, "Civilized" societies that say "primitive" to those who can not use man's technique. Our sector is the mold industry and your technique is thick. This is no ordinary work and no ordinary technique to do.

High hardware is required. It must always be a new search. It is important that your imagination is very high. The imagination that meets the technique is the basic dynamics of this industry. If you can not break it, it's based on our basic principle. What you can and can not do is a field of separation. This decomposition is sometimes very expensive in the hands of amateurs.

Sheet Mold

We would like to inform you of the damage that pirate companies working under the stairs will give you. In every sector, there are illegal enterprises which are working in informal sector in sheet metal sector and amateur people are making cheap sheet metal ads. If you are not sensitive to them, you will experience material loss, economic loss and time loss. Perhaps you could be the genius of this experience. You will not waste your time, your money, and your materials if you are conscious of such hackers who are literally harm, loss, unfair competition.

Wire Erosion Fason Cutting

We have professional technical staff who are equipped with telescopic cutting. You can examine our machines, our team and our work in detail.

Progressive Molds

You will definitely see the benefits of the support you get from Spednas for the Progressive molds. Because we are always progressing by increasing quality.

Our products

We wanted to present some of our countless products that we have completed working as a Spednas sheet metal molding company, interesting, valuable and informative.