Spednas is developing the professionalism of our mission industry as a mold. What professionalism? Priority is to remove the unfair competition created by firms under the stairs.
Stairs companies do not have tax registration. There are no room registrations. No commercial registrations. The staff are not insured. Quality does not exist. The taxi plays from the staff and all expenses. In the name of cheap price is doing some kind of theft in the industry.

Spednas Misyon

They are entitled to the business rights of companies like us who are liable to tax, meet all the rights of the personnel, and fulfill all public obligations.
They do not just cause unfair competition. They are dominated by poor quality because they reset quality.

As Spednas, we know that our main mission is to keep the quality pitch constantly high, and we are constantly trying to improve our quality.
Our citizens who are doing business with us are of course aware of Spednas quality.
How to raise quality plat

The special nature of the Spednas mission is constantly updating the technique and keeping the quality constantly updated with technical capacity. We are a continuous and fast follower of fast technology in sheet metal mold, wire erosion, prorative mold in our work or in our rotor stator lamination molds.
It is created with technical expert staff. Our mission is to provide sectoral specialist staff and specialize the sector. Spednas is a company that has a mission to be a school in this sense.
All the staff of Spedna have all social economic rights. Our professional, permanent staff keeps up with the technique with daily weekly trainings and constantly renews the experience by making it a training subject.

As Spednas, while we were setting our mission, we were aware that from the very beginning we were building experience. Experience accumulation is high level provided by continuous staff. We know that your experiance is amateurish. Continuous inexperience is constant amateurism. Some firms, especially those under the stairs, are inexperienced.
Mission The ability to take on responsibility for and responsibility for Spednas is the continuation of the qualification.