Wire Erosion

Wire Erosion

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SPEDNAS As a mold, knowing that wire erosion requires very fine workmanship in manufacturing parts that require expertise and experience, we produce our customers' needs quickly and without problems. With this principle, MAKINO, which is the latest technology used in the sector; With U6 H.E.A.T and SP43 brand devices, we present to our customers what they can do for our customers' production.

As the companies operating in the sector know very well, there is no meaning for a job that is not delivered on time. As in all the fields we serve, we are serving 24/7 with experienced cadres who specialize in slaughtering.

The products entering the wire erosion workbench are generally used for parts production for a special job, the parts used in the auto industry, the production of plastic mold, We are realizing production for all sectors that need it. We offer all our customers the best production in a jeweler-sensitive and economical way.

We process your molds of your special part production with care in our workbenches.

We provide service to all enterprises with a production understanding that can make reliable and fast delivery in the production of Wire Erosion.

With the entry of the wire erosion machine into the sector, a new era has almost begun in the molding industry. Despite the fact that the qualification and trained staff need to travel in the upper level, in real terms, it has provided considerable time and effort in the workshops where they are used.

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At this point, the workshop staff can evaluate their time in haircuts or other work. It is very important to be experienced in every business, but experience in our business means quick and complete delivery.

Thanks to the wire erosion machine, we can realize extremely difficult and complicated shapes with a jeweler's precision in a very short time. It is possible to work with any kind of material that does not transmit electrical current.

The important thing is that the workbench is of a size that can fit and that you know what the desired shape is. We're doing the rest.

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